Home sweet HI

Once you visit Oahu or any island your spirit connects and hold on. That is, IF you were born an island soul. Just as people will say ” that child has an old soul ” there should be one saying he or she has an island soul. I am one of those. I was told I had and old soul because I enjoyed the company of old people, and I knew I had an island soul the first time I stepped on this beautiful island. I feel complete in ever fiber of my body.

Each breeze, crash of wave, chirp of bird, dribble of water, I feel connected, and I hope through the sharing of my home you too will be able to experience and love Hawaii with it’s good and bad. Yep, bad here like any other place. Crime, homeless, the sad, the careless and cruel. Also the outrageous prices of homes, food and parking. But even all that does not outweigh the beauty she holds.

Welcome home to Oahu. Aloha.